Pulling charts to the local machine

Sometimes there is a need to modify charts from a repo or just have a look at what the chart is actually doing.

For that you can use hypper pull, which will download the chart to your local machine.

Pulling a chart

$ hypper pull hypper-charts/fleet
$ ls fleet*

Pulling a chart and extracting it

Usually, pull will download the tar.gz chart package, but you can use --untar so instead the package is extracted automatically.

$ hypper pull hypper-charts/fleet --untar
$ ls fleet/     
charts  Chart.yaml  templates  values.yaml

Pulling a specific chart version

Pull will automatically download the latest chart version, but you can use --version to get the specified version instead.

$ hypper pull hypper-charts/fleet --version 0.3.500
$ ls fleet*

Changing the output dir

By default, pull will download the chart into the current dir. Use the -d flag to set the output dir.

Note: The output dir needs to exist beforehand.

$ hypper pull hypper-charts/fleet -d chartslocal
$ ls chartslocal 

Pulling development versions

You can use the --devel flag to pull devel versions. By default, hypper won't download, search or list devel version unless specified by the flag.

$ hypper repo add rancher-charts https://charts.rancher.io
$ hypper pull rancher-charts/fleet --version 0.3.600-rc1 --devel
$ ls fleet*